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Men’s sandals fit exactly into Crevo Footwear’s philosophy of offering comfort with good-looking style and design. Whether you’re planning on hitting the beach, stepping out for the night or just cruising around town in total comfort, you’ll find that Crevo offers exactly the type of comfortable sandal that’s a perfect fit for you and your look.

Crevo Footwear’s styling is sleek, modern and yet classically simple. Natural materials range from hemp to canvas to leather, giving you a variety of suitable choices. Rugged and good looking on the outside, our sandals are comfortable and cool on the inside, cradling your feet with soft, comfortable linings made of linen and memory foam footbeds that will make each pair of Crevo sandals distinctly and uniquely yours.                

CV1357-200  Brown


CV1411-200  Brown


CV1413-200  Brown

was $47.00

CV1017-250  Beige


CV1281-202  Chocolate CV1281-250  Beige


CV1283-230  Tan


CV1282-230  Tan

was $50.00

CV1235-200  Brown


CV1285-200  Brown


CV1234-200  Brown CV1234-230  Tan


CV1280-202  Chocolate CV1280-250  Beige


CV1286-200  Brown

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