What is a Chukka Boot?

Ah the Chukka boot, a stylish man’s best friend throughout fall and spring. They go well with corduroy, jeans, and even nice slacks, adding a dash of class to your casual looks or a casual touch to your more formal looks. All while keeping your feet just a bit warmer as the season gives way to cooler wind.

But not every men’s ankle boot qualifies as a chukka boot. While there are many variations and chukka boot hybrids, to qualify as an actual chukka boot it must:

  • Be open laced but have no more than 3 eyelets (shoe string holes).
  • Have a rounded toe box.
  • Be made with two single layers of leather.
  • Reach the middle of your ankle.

Historically, they were made with a thin leather sole and an unlined suede outer,  but now you can find them with thick rubber soles and even with lining under leather.

Where did Chukka Boots come from?

Originated in India, the boot was first worn by off duty polo players and began making their way west when British troops began wearing them. They were introduced to the US in 1924 when the Duke of Windsor was seen wearing a pair during his visit. Since then, they have become a staple in any sharp wardrobe for their versatility, convenience and comfort.

What to wear with Chukka boots?

Because Chukka boots are meant to be shown off, avoid wearing them with bootcut pants, which will only hide the shoe.

While they go great with straight leg pants, we love them with a pair of cuffed up skinny chinos that show off some cool socks. You can even switch out the laces for an instant pop of color. 

Leather Chukka Boots
The Dorville chukka boot in Chestnut.

If you are going for a sophisticated look, you are going to want a pair of chukka boots with a thin sole and a leather upper, like the Dorville that comes in black, chestnut and bordo. 

For a more casual look, go for a chukka with a thicker sole like the Doran

The Doran casual chukka boot
A casual chukka boot.

The thick rubber sole give it a more sporty sneaker vibe which is perfect for a weekend night on the town.

Let us know how you plan on wearing your chukka boots and send us some pics!

Here at Crevo, we are big music heads. Our love of sound is what keeps us thankful all year and what feeds the inspiration we pour into our shoes. That’s why we thought it would be cool to start sharing with you whats blasting in our earbuds every month. Check out the music that’s keeping us thankful:

Zach Ford – Designer

Beck – Colors 

Zach says: “because i’m a 90’s kid, Odelay!”

Corey Lenzen – Sales Guy

Kids In Love by Kygo

Corey says: “Because I like to Party”

Karina Tiller – Graphic Designer

RKS – Cocaine Jesus

Karina says: “Because I’m a sucker for boys that harmonize ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

Colleen McClain – Head Designer

Ray LaMontagne – Hold you in my Arms

Colleen says: “because I’m trying to be chill and patient while waiting for this baby!”

Matt Bray – Brand President

The Revivalists – Soulfight ”Prepping for December concert”

Matt says: ”Prepping for December concert”

Lauren Alfaro – Designer

Christmas Music! 

Lauren says: “because it’s only 6 weeks away!!”

Taylor Gross – Sales Assistant

Whethan- “because it’s real fun”

Chelsea – Ecommerce Lady

Leon Bridges “River”

Chelsea says: “Because I’m a sucker for that throwback, soulful sound”


Your turn, let us know what tunes are keeping you in thankfulness mode.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Low Heel Booties
How to style low heel booties.


How to Style: Ankle Boots

If you aren’t used to wearing ankle boots, they can be hard to style. The key is to pulling off the perfect fall ankle boot look is to find the right pair that go with anything.

A great example is our Leighton bootie. Designed to help you transition through those awkward fall and spring months when the weather is not quite extreme for sandals or boots, the Leighton is super versatile. 

Pair them with a pair of skinny ankle jeans, a sweater vest, a solid black long sleeve shirt and a warm cup of coffee and you will be ready to head out.

Your turn Crevo ladies, how would you wear them?