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If adults can wear comfortable, well-made, good-looking footwear, why can’t kids? That’s what we asked at Crevo Footwear. With our usual inspiration and creative flair, we came up with a line of kids’ footwear that is every bit as good as the footwear we offer for men. Now father and child can wear the same sharp, good-looking styles and enjoy the same level of comfort.

Our kids’ shoes are available in multiple styles and sizes, including sandals that are exact matches for our men’s casual sandals, though miniaturized. These kids’ shoes include earth-friendly materials like hemp and are made with the same care and attention to detail that separates Crevo’s men’s footwear from the pack.

Just as important, Crevo's kids' shoes are tough and durable, so they will take whatever kids can dish out, while protecting their feet and keeping them comfortable.


CVK1086-020  GRAY CVK1086-410  NAVY

CVK1154-302  OLIVE CVK1154-410  NAVY


CVK1076-230  Tan PU CVK1076-201  Brown


CVK1077-200  Brown PU CVK1077-230  Tan PU


CVK1080-001  Black


CVK1081-001  Black


CVK1019-001  Black


CVK1018-001  Black

$25.00 $14.99

CVK1000-202  Chocolate


CVK1108-200  Brown

$35.00 $23.99

CVK1013-202  Chocolate

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